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An integrated team of professionals, working as one to offer you an integrated solution to save you stress, time and money.

Freeing up your time to concentrate on your business

Your business works best when you, and your colleagues, can concentrate on doing your job, by freeing up the time spent on non-core duties you can spend more time on the activities that drive your business forward.

By appointing Servest to be your facilities management provider you can reduce the administrative time spent on these non-core activities, making it easier for you to concentrate on what you do best.

Reducing Complexity

Outsourcing to a single company to manage all of your facilities can simplify the whole process, leaving more time to do the job at hand. Having one point of contact and fewer management levels, means the lines of communication are shorter and the administrative process is simpler.

The Servest team will ensure that the supply chain is transparent, with all costs accounted for and reported on a centralised management system. Making it easier for you to keep track of what you are spending and to be confident standards are being maintained.

Driving Standards

Having one team work together to create a productive working environment for your business can lead to greater efficiencies and more transparent working policies.

The Servest team will collaborate across all disciplines to ensure that schedules are coordinated so that all work is carried out seamlessly. As part of the one team ethos, Servest will multi-skill colleagues and implement a ‘don’t walk by’ system, which empowers teams members to deal with or report issues as they see them and fosters an environment of growth and development. So the team is happier, works harder and is more productive.

Making efficiencies

Implementing an integrated facilities management solution can simplify the accounting processes by consolidating invoices and supply chains, so you have fewer people to pay and less administrative tasks to complete.

Plus, utilising Servest’s buying power and sharing specialist equipment across sites, can help to make further savings. Servest will train colleagues to have multiple skills, which not only creates a more efficient workforce, but one that is happier and more productive.


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