Working together to save you money on your energy consumption.

A procurement strategy to save you money

By using Servest to help you procure your energy you can ensure that you are getting the best value for money and only paying for what you need.

In the first instance the Servest team will gather information on your existing and historic energy usage and any existing contractual agreements, then using this information they will prepare a procurement strategy that is tailored to your business, ensuring your energy bills are kept to a minimum. Going forward Servest will manage all contract arrangements with the energy suppliers to deliver on the agreed strategy and check your bills, so you are only paying what is due.

Reduce your consumption, reduce your costs

To further reduce your bills, you can reduce the amount of energy you consume, and Servest can help you do this too.

The Servest team can undertake energy audits to identify and quantify areas of potential energy reductions and put together a plan based on the findings. Servest can then implement these energy reduction initiatives for you, for example by changing to low energy lighting, or by appointing and managing specialist subcontractors on your behalf. The Servest team can also set and manage energy targets, helping your staff to become more energy conscious, and so reducing energy costs. Taking the hassle and stress away from you.

Additionally you can use the findings that Servest has gathered about your energy usage and potential energy saving measures to comply with mandatory reporting, such as ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), Carbon Reduction Commitment, Greenhouse Gas Reporting or any other schemes that are applicable to your business.

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