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Creating nutritious, tasty food that helps to enrich young minds and facilitate patient recovery.


Getting the right nutritional start is important, the Servest chefs know that; they read the studies that show the link between Healthy School Meals and Educational Outcomes 1

Students need food that stimulates their taste buds and imaginations. All of the meals Servest provides are wholesome, healthy and tasty, and in line with current government guidelines and legislation of course. Servest is busy applying it across the Primary, LEA, Higher and Further Education settings.
1. Healthy School Meals and Educational Outcomes, Belot and James, January 2009


Serving nutritious and well-balanced food is all part of patient care.

The benefits of patients receiving the right diet of nutrient rich foods has been well documented, from aiding recovery to reducing inpatient stays, the outcome is healthier and happier patients and cost savings for you.

With a healthcare portfolio that is expanding fast, including care homes, extra care, private hospitals and the NHS, Servest can help you, whether it’s an integrated catering solution that you’re after or simply wanting to benefit from our supply chain.

About Catering Academy

Acquired by the Servest Group in 2015, Catering Academy was founded in 2004 by Louise Wymer, Kevin Cannon and Stacey Rose.

Catering Academy is a dynamic, fresh and vibrant independent catering company that has built a reputation for offering innovative catering and ancillary service solutions to a wide range of clients.

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